Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A weekend filled with Fellowship!

Paul and I came back late Sunday, refreshed spiritually and yet there was this feeling of exhaustion from taking so much in and being surrounded by 3500 people for 2 days. Wow! It seemed longer than that! What a wonderful experience to fellowship with so many people. It was a time of renewed perspective, spiritual growth and so much laughter. I don't think I laughed like that in a looong time! I don't mean to rub it in, Desley. I would encourage anyone who would like to hear the speakers to go on the desiring God website at www.desiringgod.org and check the speakers out as they podcast the teachings. They were incredibly enjoyable and yet they spoke right to my heart! Every speaker had their purpose there this weekend.
Unfortunately, we don't have pictures yet to put up, but as soon as we get some we will put some up. It was such a blast to share our very first experience at a desiring God conference with about about 10-15 others from Thunder Bay. Beth, we saw Al and his wife, along with Dennis and Maureen! It was so neat!
Paul and I were able to connect with the head of Desiring God for the media ministry and to talk with them a little. That was awesome! And if you knew us at all you would know that Paul and I found a few books to bring back. On our way back to Thunder Bay, I heard myself ask Paul, "where will we put these books?" and he answered, " I guess we'll have to buy another book shelf!" ;-0 It was a Desiring God conference after all!

So nice to share our experience with you! We encourage you to check out our new memory verse on the right hand side, it will be on there for 1 week! We would challenge you to equip your heart and your mind with Scripture! Enjoy!

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