Saturday, September 20, 2008

2nd Year anniversary!

Yeah! so today Paul and I are celebrating my second year anniversary from my heart surgery...This time 2 years ago I was laying in ICU after open heart surgery and Paul was faithfully by my side along with my mom, my two sisters, my brother-in-law and a lovely niece! Well my nice wasn't quite by my side as it would be a traumatic experience and she would never wish to see me again. ;) I am not only grateful for that hurdle the Lord has carried us through but I am grateful for every single day He has given me since I was born. I am extremely grateful for my mother and father who raised me with such tender hearts and with a vision without limits. They have always told me I could do whatever I desired, raising me with gentleness and trying to channel my wild passionate heart and giving me direction. My sisters were instrumental in my becoming the person I am today. My eldest sister, Marie-Claire, taught me every name of every NHL team and what city they corresponded to since I was about 6 yrs old! And now everybody wonders why I chose outdoor recreation as a career. Blame it on her! Just kidding M-C! Dominique on her part can take pride in having taught me and continues to teach me how to truly listen to people and to love them. Both of them taught me how to put others first! Merci les filles! I love you so much.

God has placed these wonderful people in my life to teach me many things...and many things I continue to learn. I am thankful for my husband and the love he has for me and for my in-laws who show only kindness and camaraderie!
God has brought me to the Church family who has carried me through prayer in all those years as well! There are so many things to be thankful for and today I wish to ponder on such things that brings a glad heart!

I love you all and I consider myself blessed!

Paul and I at the hospital after my surgery. What a supportive husband I have! I Love you Paul!

My sister Marie-Claire with my ever so precious niece Emma Claude, my sister Dominique and me.

My Mom cheering after another successful surgery! My mom and I we are like two pees in a pod, if only we could live in the same city! Boy we would both like that very much!

Paul and I with my mom and Richard. Thank you so much for the wonderful hospitality! Love you both very much.

While our church family was praying back in Thunder Bay, others visited. Meet Dave and Gerri! They are wonderful and encouraged both Paul and I by visiting us 1 hour North of Montreal! When you can't be with your church family, they come to you! Thank you so much Dave and Gerri! This meant so much to us!

As you can see, Paul and I do not lack the support. We are ever so grateful and continue to thank our Great God for His amazing love!


20Birds said...

awwww Steph I have tears in my eyes, 2 years .... God gave us all and you two more years.. as a mom of many (a Spanish friend in Miami called us "casa de las muchas") I love that attitude of gratitude for the many people who brought you from there to here... and your words "vision without limits" is my dream to give my kids... and I have a 13 yo daughter with a wild heart... as I read your blog I stopped and prayed that God would grant us all a mercy to see my Emmy Grace become as fine a woman as you... have a great day with church family today

Emma Claude said...

Love you too!!!