Thursday, April 17, 2008

Pics from Easter continued

Stephanie and I on Easter Sunday!

My two brothers, Daniel and Peter.

The Dudes, Marco, Al, Luker, Jeff, Poul-Eric.

The Ladies: Trudi, Shannon, Heather, Brynn, Nancy, (Luker, Poul-Eric)

Lindsay doing dishes.

This entire day was a great time. Everyone pitched in. Trudi brought the potatoes, Al bought the ham, Brynn made a cheesecake, and Shannon & Nancy brought Salads. The guys cut the turkey for me and made the best gravy ever. Steph arranged an Egg Hunt in for the kids! It was awesome.

Pics from Easter

Some pics from Easter. Our friend Luke was helping us cook the evening before. In total we had 2 turkeys, a whole lot of stuffing stuffing, 1 ham, perogies, cabbage rolls, yams, steamed asparagus, mashed potatoes, sea food & caesar salad, and a collection of deserts.