Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Saga continues...

Yesterday, I mentioned a wedding Paul and I went to in the Greater Toronto Area on Labor Day weekend. Matt and Andrea were joined together on August 30th! What a beautiful day that was. Here are some pictures as my ever so thoughtful brother-in-law (Peter) installed them on my hard-drive. Thanks Pete! Allow me to specify that all of the pictures that will be posted here from Labor day weekend are mostly taken by our friend JJ since the camera we brought lacked in battery power before the wedding!

Paul and I and a few others were staying at Andrea's parents place before the wedding! What great hosts they were! I was amazed how everything seemed under control and yet Andrea's mom, Evelyn, sowed the dresses for the brides maids and the flower girls, of which there was a total of nine! But that is not all, she sowed every napkin holder as well and made sure before the wedding that we all had meals to eat, and Paul and Evelyn both took time to get to know us and care for us! I know I must have forgotten other details they put together. I think what amazed me most was how it all seemed very manageable for both of them. As for me I love organizing an event but being more of a big picture girl, details seem to pass me by. Let me give you a glimpse of what the week end looked like!

This is Andrea (the bride) and I the day before the big one!

These are the napkin holders that Evelyn (Andrea's mom) sowed. Evelyn discovered the art of delegation and so I had such a great time folding napkins in an artistic kind of way! I didn't realize how therapeutic it could be!

Here she is! This is Evelyn. I don't think I need to tell you that is the only picture of her. Working away! meanwhile, JJ, Paul (my Husband), and Dan (Andrea's brother) were being artsy themselves!

There were handsome groomsmen surrounding the radiant groom....(Paul, A.J., Matt(Groom), Paul Aurich, and JJ. Sharing in his very joyful day...

There were beautiful little flower girls.....This is Alicia, Andrea's niece. There were three others.

And there there was the whole party! Andrea looked breathtakingly beautiful!

Needless to say Paul and I had a great time together and with our friends. Rejoicing in each other's union is so refreshing.... I had a great time sharing this weekend with you today and hope you enjoy taking part in our little adventures!


A Family/Group Member said...

such a beautiful loved filled blog.

20Birds said...

gorgeous photos, and Stpehanie, I think oyu will find the pleasure in this blog a few months from now, a year from now, our ancestors chronicled and recorded these events in family Bibles, told the stories at bedtime, I think we have a precious legacy to uphold here, telling the stories of God's glorious miracles so that each generation can set its heart anew upon the Lord remembering his faithfulness... so it is not important to be eloquent, or witty, or profound, God is faithful day in and day out and here on these blogs we record that... I loved my time here today, reading of the wedding, thinking of the times that I was privileged to a part of the wedding preparations... and my favorite photo is of the men "crafting" the light of the photo is so warm, and the moment and heart are captured

Mum said...

Nice Blog! As much as it is nice to hear your voice over the phone it is great to see your lovely smile and meet your friends.

Keep it going.

Love you Babes.