Wednesday, October 1, 2008

What are friends for?

Last night we had our ladies Bible studies Kick off night! It was a blast! Not only did we do a fashion show but we all had the opportunity to listen to Heather talk on our wild hearts and how we have a perfectly tended pasture offered to us, but like mustangs we all ere towards the wilderness where we don't have to answer to anybody, yet again, we have no one to take care of us either. Well, If you know me, you would know this talk spoke to me. First, because I am like a mustang, wild at heart, adventurous, making my life difficult by doing everything on my own and always looking for the long way home. Second, because I LOVE horses!
Last night touched my heart because she reminded me that I don't have to face the storms of life on my own, and that crying out to Jesus for help is a sign of strength, not weakness. Letting go of what I know best, myself and clinging to Him.

You see if you knew Heather that would have touched you too because, like me she is wild at heart but loves Jesus. She went through storms and not without struggles but came out victorious! Heather is very dear to me. She needed hip surgery this year and is now enjoying her new hip. But not without hardship! But she hung on to her Savior and let go of herself, knowing her own weakness. She used to horseback ride and ADORES it! Yet she had to go 4 yrs without ridding because of her hips. Yes! I did say HIPS! She is on the waiting list for her next hip replacement.
I want to head to what many have said before her and cling to my Savior, "to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to His power that is at work within us..."
Have a beautiful day!


20Birds said...

here is what i was thinking as i read this... thank God that you me Heather... all the other women like us were born in this time... we could have been born at another time, still loved the Lord but had a tougher road with these wild hearts. Jesus had always understood wild hearts, but the world (or church) has not always understood those hearts

Nancy said...

Hello my beautiful lady. K I know you sent me the link awhile ago; I've just been so busy with the kids lately; so I decided to check my email today and realized your new BlogSpot link was in an email you sent me. Better late than never, LOL. And yes I plan to use facebook less and transfer it into a blog—you encourager!
Was our beautiful, inspiring heather talking about wild at heart? Whooooooooey yes she is definitely a spirited one—aren't we all and proud of it! I find those spirited ones at heart have such a passion and willingness to follow hard after Christ. Sometimes we lose track and sway off the roadside; but like a loving Father—he comes and takes over the wheel and shows us the back seat. Whoooey thank you Father for taking over. I love how God has created us with unique giftings to help complete and form the body of believers. Steph I love your wildness and need it in some way to complete me and make me love my saviour more and more! How can the hand say to the foot, I don't need you? ""I need you wild heart girlfriend! ""
See you soon enough oxoxox. I'll come visit your blog hopefully in the near future. Love you and miss you like crrraaazzzyyy!

Kim said...

so glad to have found this :)