Sunday, September 21, 2008

The beauty of accountability

Less than a week ago, I called a person I had been praying for this summer. I wanted to encourage her heart. It turns out she encouraged me! Isn't it awesome when God gives you exactly what you need through someone else...He works wonders like that. We were chatting and I told her that I lacked discipline in regards to blogging. She encouraged me and told me what I had to do was to post a blog the next morning and make a point of blogging regularly. So I did, I woke up, read my Bible and took time to blog before my day started.

At the end of my day, I went to check my blog and sure enough she had left me a message. Then, I went to her blog (as she blogs every single day) to read hers and there it was before my eyes: a message about my husband and I and to my surprise, she wrote the link to our blog for everyone to see. My accountability had grown in spades overnight! Yikes! that is scary! however, I must say I am reaping the rewards ever since. Everyday, I have one, two and sometimes three comments. It is so exciting to see that people are reading my blogs! But what topped it was her blog entry from today. After sharing about my 2nd year anniversary from heart surgery yesterday on our blog, she made a beautiful-scrapbook for Paul and I! What a gal! Beth, you are one of a kind. That touched Paul and I and really brought home what a beautiful family we have in Jesus! Thanks a million!

And speaking of God's family... There are two new beautiful additions to our family at Fort William Baptist Church. Kaj Joseph Frederick Joshua Lindeman, brother of Riley, Hugo and Ceighan (I apologize for any spelling mistakes ;)) was born on Friday September 19th. Also, Jeremy John Balek, brother of Bradley was born Thursday. Unfortunately, I don't have pictures for Jeremy John yet but here meet Kaj... ( Pete, I took these from Facebook, hope you don't mind).

Kaj, you are so beautiful! Congratulations Pete & Alicia!

Ryleigh, you are such a wonderful big sister! Keep going girl!

Here is the Brady Bunch! What a beautiful family!

Paul and I are honoured to know both families! You are so precious to us!


20Birds said...

I never even thought I was going to increase accountability... I wanted to spread the word about World Team and your role with the organization... sorry :) and i love baby pictures... Ryleigh was at VBC at our church and she was so prim, so quiet, but there was this oensong that she would always cut loose on... lol, still makes me smile... and Pete was just giving his testimony at the joint youth worships service, my kids all came hme talking about him and i prayed for him that really, how cool is our God? Stephanie! lets do coffee!

Katherine said...

hey...20birds' daughter here...yeah I have trouble remembering to blog everyday as well, but luckily my on top of it all mother reminds me to every day :) good job though, for remembering all on your own!

Darlene Koop said...

Hey Steph!
Your comments about blogging regularly challenged me.
I am going to miss seeing you, dear sister, but our hearts are joined through the bond of Christ's love, and I pray that many will be encouraged through my blogs as well.
Love ya!

Angie said...

Hi Stephanie,

Our mutual friend, Beth, sent me to your blog. What a blessing it is!

I am currently in the midst of a 2-week blogging vacation. I am overseeing a huge multi-county event in a week, and my time is precious. So, I opted to give up blogging until the event is done next week.

I am so glad Beth pointed me in your direction. You have a beautiful way with words -- and your sweet spirit shines through every paragraph.

I will come back. . .and will read more and more and more.

Angie (in TN)