Monday, September 22, 2008

A walk on the town!

Our day was filled with great conversations, encouragement from a friend and a very uplifting phone call with one of the World Team board of directors. Thank you! It is nice to personally contact the people who voted us in their organization! It is nice to touch base with people and to share our joys of ministry with each one of them! Our day was also filled with one unforgettable unpredictable event: at around 7:00 p.m. this evening, Paul's mom called and asked Paul if he could help her find her dog, a beautiful black lab cross. It turns out her back gate was opened and when she put her outside, Zoe slipped out and left the backyard. How dreadful that was! But something amazing happened...something one would only hope to see in movies. While Donna and Paul were out looking for Zoe, I was teaching French in our basement. All of a sudden, I hear panting coming from our backyard. I went upstairs and opened our backdoor, and what to my surprise do I see, but a beautiful black lab looking at me as if she was saying "let me in". I look around to see if Donna or Paul are around but they are nowhere in sight. Suddenly it dawned on me that Zoe took a walk on the town and found our house (which is located 45 minutes from Donna's place)! So I called Paul on our cell phone and he could not believe his ears either! Of course she had been here before but I was still floored that she found her way to our house 2 hours later! What a party animal!

Meet Zoe focused and calm...

This is Zoe at her high energy level peek! Here, she is intensively involved in a ball game.

Zoe, no matter how you come you are simply precious to us all! We love you and are so glad you found your way back to us safely!


20Birds said...

how cool is that? really, I am shaking my head... I was thinking that God gave her one amazing GPS system... and it is like the one he gives us... always pointing the way to safety and the way home...I will be thinking of this all day

Katherine said...

thats an awesome story! how cool is that? youre right, that sort of thing seems like it only happens in the movies. special dog!

Desley said...

Wow...the same thing happened to our dog not too long ago. While the boys (and girl) were at bible camp I decided to spend the week at my mom's. I let the dog out in her back yard without realizing there was a hole in the fence. About half an hour later I realized he was gone and had to wait another hour or so before we could search for him.I kept praying 'cause I knew it would just break Mitch's heart if I lost his dog.
We ended up finding him at home, playing in the neighbour's yard later on. Now he runs away from home every time the kids leave the door open and he goes straight to my mom's house. Of course, she's not that far away. 45 minutes?! Wow.

Never mind the cat came back. Dog's are smarter than we give them credit for.