Friday, October 3, 2008

So Thankful!

Boujour a tous! (Hello all)

I am blessed by a mother that looooves me, a husband that adores me and friends that bless me every single day. This is how I see God providing for me all the time! I had coffee with my friend Beth yesterday and I was blessed my socks off, as she would say! We laughed and cried and shared and it was all around beautiful to meet a new sister. It is so wonderful to meet someone, once every so often, who will touch your heart in this way! Beth you are precious and you empower people around you. Don't ever lose your passion for life! Beth is a woman with much wisdom. She does not hold back, she makes sure that what she says will edify and build. Beth is a mother to many and is viewed as a spiritual guru for many moms and moms-wanna-be! What a fierce woman and yet with a gentle spirit she moves your heart to love Jesus more every single day. Thank you Beth for that precious time with me.

Now speaking of heart, I was able to share with you about my surgery on september 20th but not how we celebrated our 2nd year! So here are some pictures to show you and no...She is not my baby girl! Although I would love to have Mackenzie-Skye as a daughter! ;) So P-E, Trudi and Mackenzie-Skye came for a visit for the afternoon\evening. It was so great to have them and you can only imagine who was the biggest entertainment! We didn't do a movie marathon this time but soon maybe we'll do one! he he! Those are the best.

Mackenzie Skye lying down on our living room floor. What a cutie-pie!

Jordie paid a visit while she was in a deep sleep...too bad he was no prince charming!

Well it wasn't much longer before Paul would befriend her! What a pair they make!

You can see who was the biggest entertainment now!

What a beautiful girl! Mackenzie-Skye you will break hearts!

As for mom and dad you will have to wait until tomorrow for their picture! P-E and Trud's, thank you so much for celebrating such a significant part of our year with us! You ahve been such a blessing to Paul and I. Continue to live the Joy of the Lord! This will without a doubt have a print on Kenzie's life!

You see this is what I mean, blessed all around! I hope you feel just as blessed as we do!


20Birds said...

thank you for the kind words... I love seeing Mackenzie and the kitty.. what a sweet photo!

Darlene Koop said...

Love the pics of Paul and MacKenzie (and you too, of course, Steph)! Indeed, we have much to be thankful for in the body of Christ!