Monday, October 6, 2008


Today was a good day. Over the last couple weeks Steph and I have been blessed to serve alongside Sky & Angie, two missionaries to the Native people group of Thunder Bay. They run "An Eagle's Cry Life Centre," building relationships and spreading the hope of Jesus with anyone who pops by. Check out their website: They are extremely encouraging. I had the priviledge to sit down with Sky and hear more about his vision for ministry that flows directly out of his testimony: how Jesus' captivated his life, freed him from bondage and laid his healing power upon his soul.

At "Eagle's Cry" we had an amazing time. I think the two greatest moments for me were: seeing some 40+ people (some God haters and others Jesus followers) stand in a circle, holding hands and giving thanks for the special spagetti lunch that was offered today. The 2nd amazing moment was with William, a 70 year old homeless man suffering from arthritis. William currently lives at "The Shelter House" and shared with me part of his life story. I thoroughly enjoyed talking with him, building a friendship, and I look foward to seeing him tomorrow. Please pray he will be open the hearing the gospel as our friendship builds.

Today was also a good day because we have continued to labour for Jesus and spend time with our church's Outreach team planning and praying. It was a pleasure to see Ellie joining the team and embracing her passion to outreach to the lost in our community! Afterwards, we went to encourage Jon & Kathleen (aka The Cedars of Lebanon) as they played a set in a local coffee house. To hear more of the Cedars fo Lebanon check out:

So Steph and I got back home around 10:00. We've been out since breakfast, and now we're feel spent. I'm drinking some tea to help fight this weird cold I've got and I am just finishing some posters for an outreach dinner event that runs on the 2nd Saturday of every month. (We're trying to do something unique for Thanksgiving and we hope it will turn out well.) Well I gotta run because I have to cut the posters and go to bed. But I have just one last thing to share:

Today is a good day... because Jesus reigns today.


20Birds said...

Paul both sites were refreshing to visit, thanks for sharing those links...and feel better, k?

From Aunt Trudi said...

O.K. I know that being lazy is a sin and does not honor God. But I would be willing to bet that if you SLOWED DOWN and got some sleep you might get better quicked (said with a hint of sarcasim -cause Mark Driscoll said that it was OK
:-) XO

Ed Katterson said...

These five years since God graciously granted me repentance have been the sweetest I've known in my 55 short years. One of the most powerful gifts he has given me is the fellowship of the saints.

You two are prime examples of knowing and loving someone because of Christ.

How grateful I am to be related to you, and forever.

I'll be holding you before the throne.

20Birds said...

I miss you Steph, come back :)