Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day!

Dear friends!

Today I pondered much on being a father meant. It's not like I am one or ever will be :)!
But having lost mine 15 years ago to cancer, I wondered what it would be like having him around in my life in this stage of my life.

The Lord comforted me and reminded me that He is my father and is a Father to the fatherless (Psalm 68:5). If I take the Lord as THE example of what a Father is, here is what it would look like: a Protector, a Provider, a Servant, One who loves and cares about all of our joys, sorrows, worries and exciting events in His children lives. He wants to be part of all of our lives and see us through it all!

With that in mind I thought lots about my dad. he loved us and provided and protected but he was special because My heavenly father had lend him to me for a time to shape me in the woman I am today. While he reflected my heavenly father's love for me, he also teased me and enjoyed every stage of my life (well not all I'm sure) with me. He enjoyed skiing and playing backgammon with me and He loved hockey and also his Football! He encouraged me when I went to Europe in 1995, and celebrated with me when I graduated high school. I remember throwing ball with him on our lawn as a child, and I remember when he would come home from work and ask about our days. He was always interested in our lives. However, the one thing that I hold dear is something not every daughter gets to share with her father and that is our birthday! Yes I was born on his b-day!

I loved my father and keep him close to my heart to this day. Even if sometimes I wonder why he was taken from me, I am reminded that my heavenly father is Good and knows the number of our days. 'He gives and takes away, he gives and takes away, but my heart will chose to say blessed be His name...Blessed be the name of the Lord! (song we sang today at church).

I love you dad!



Michèle said...

Nice Babes. très touchant! très beau!

Mum xo

20Birds said...

beautiful tribute, i miss you and your sunshiny smile