Saturday, April 3, 2010

Is Jesus useful or Beautiful?


1 day left before we celebrate the resurrection of Christ!

Paul and I traveled yesterday to visit my mom and Rick at their beautiful home in the eastern Townships of Montreal. What a blessing this weather has been! Sunny and upwards of 28 degrees! I have never seen that in the beginning of April!

On our way here, we listened to a sermon by Timothy Keller who was talking about How God ought to shape our lives and not us fit God in our comfortable lives. It is easy to do the latter in the western way of life! At one point, He challenges us to think about why we would Love God's Mercy, Power and Wisdom and how all three characteristics are useful to us but If we focus on The Beauty or in other words His Holiness, we would be awestruck by his beauty and there is no other motives for us to worship Him besides desiring to be closer and to have more of Him. Out of that love for Him comes the outflow of our deeds as we desire to share Him with others!

Well, here in the country, we hear His creation just shouting out His name all day! It is beautiful and I thoroughly enjoy the smell and the sight of my surroundings. To be close to my mom and Rick is definitely a treat and we enjoy spending time with them. we will be going to the gym and to the sugar shack to celebrate Spring, a Quebec tradition and we will enjoy their property and Monty their dog for the rest of the day!

Tomorrow we will be spending time with my sister, Dominique and my mom and Rick and go to church and go for a nice long walk!

Happy Easter and let's Keep Jesus at the center of our lives!

In Christ and with Love,


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20Birds said...

i appreciated this post as recently i have been challenged deep in my spirit to mediate on His loveliness and His Beauty and you make Quebec sound so enticing... I miss you, darling sister