Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A walk in the woods!

Hello everyone!

Today was a weird day for me. I felt as though I could conquer the world and then I was reminded of how I don't have it all together. I guess the lesson to learn is that I don't have it all together but there is one who does and has enabled me to come back on this page and recommit to the pouring of my heart in writing to whomever cares to read. Since I can do all things through God who strengthens me (Phil 4:13), I do conquer the world, a little bit each day. One day at a time.
As I walk through the woods some of you might know me well enough that I enjoy pondering on the promises of Jesus Christ. A prayer turned into a conversation as He showed me today that I too could have a disciplined and enjoyable lifestyle.
I feel like the prodigal son having been gone from the blogging world for the last almost 8 months now! Wow that is a new low! I must say discipline is just not my bag. ;)
I miss you all, my blog friends, the ever so supportive people in my life that encourage me through your own blogs.
Many things have happened since last February and there is too much to recap it all in words but I have a few pictures to give you a glimpse in our lives and feel like you were with Paul and I this whole time. But in a nutshell, Paul and I had one last presentation at Fort William Baptist Church to show the documentary for Sky and Angie Hedrick that Paul filmed and edited for 'An Eagle's Cry Life Centre'. It was a very encouraging evening for many people and we witnessed that night what Paul and I long to do for missionaries all over the world! We saw the church body become unifyed and we saw brothers and sisters in the Lord step up to the plate and Honour their Heavenly Father. What a night that was!
We slowly geared up for leaving towards Toronto with no job or place to stay in sight, only the certainty that it was time to make a step of faith in that direction.
In June I went down to Toronto with the mission of finding a job and an appartment in 1 month. I was positive it could be done regardless of the economic downfall. Indeed, God faithfully provided and here we are in Oakville, Ontario since July 2nd, thrilled to have obeyed our calling and yet sad for being so far away from great friends and wonderful family! We miss them oh so much.

So here are some pictures from the last 7 or 8 months!

Paul taking in the beauty of God's creation at Quetico Provincial Park

Lake at Quetico at Sunset! I'm so mesmerized during the sunset I forget to take a picture on time!

The Muzzin brothers with the two Steph's one last time on Avondale Place! Home Sweet Home!

Paul and Poul-Erik at the Men's Retreat


stand for truth said...

O Steph let the springs of living water just shower you right now. You are right--we do conquer everyday with Jesus fuelling us on.

Jesus if your lifeline theatre. Just view and watch the movie and live it out girl. I was so encourage reading this post today. Nice to see beauty pics of you guys. I miss you and am so thankful for your HANDS in my life's journey.

Love you :-)

Darlene Koop said...

Dear Steph:
It's SO good to hear from you again!

Pondering on God's promises is one of the best ways to be encouraged and "keep the faith".

I miss you SO much, but I know that God is using you there as well.

Nice pics - keep in touch.
Love you, sister!
Darlene Joy