Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Journey

Paul and Stephanie In front of Don Cherry's Restaurant in Sudbury

Greetings to all of our friends and family!

I have been thinking of my blog every since last Wednesday when I last blogged. I have been strangely longing to get back into the writing mode. Whether it would be free verse or simply conversing with you about our journey to Oakville, ON, which ended up being Paul's home during his studies at Sheridan College in Media Arts before we met! Ever since then, Paul had a desire to return to Oakville and here we are. God can hear the simplest of wishes! But to share with you how we got here I will start with our move down.
Paul and I rented a U-Haul to move down. We desired to bring a little bit of Thunder Bay to Oakville so we thought what better way than to make a transition from our home, where we met, got married and lived for the last 5 years, and Oakville, the new place, full of adventure and growth. We both felt like we were leaving a part of ourselves in Thunder Bay. What comforted us was the certainty that God was leading the way and that even if we didn't know what the next step was, He did, and that was all that mattered. Of course, on my part, it helped that I was getting closer to my mother!

However Don't be fooled! As we distanced ourselves from our home, we realized that it was much harder to keep our eyes ahead than it was to look back at what we were leaving behind. Paul and I took time to reminisced about our time with our family and the times spent with friends.
When we arrived in Toronto, it hit us both in different ways but nonetheless, it hit hard as we realized how woven we were with our dear ones back home. I guess that is why we call ourselves "The Body of Christ": the heart cannot function without the head and the foot cannot function without the leg. We are all connected by the Spirit of Christ. As some of you might have heard me say this before, it was like cutting the umbilical cord: hard to let go of the past, but still full of God's goodness ahead which we would be fools not to embrace and trust Him for what lies before us.

Here are a few pic from our trip down.

Some glances at nature on our way to Southern Ontario...

As we travelled South, the vegetation became more lush!

Paul in front of Don Cherry's NHL team photo in the Restaurant!And if anybody asks...Yes! It did rain the entire trip down! Well almost...

Until soon my friends and with Love and prayer, I pray that you would seek wholeheartedly after the Truth!


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Darlene Koop said...

Thanks, Steph! I look forward to hearing more from you in the coming days. I pray for you and Paul whenever I think of you, 'cause we miss you too and I know myself how difficult it can be to look ahead when there's so many changes. Keep in touch, dear friend, and know that wherever you are, the love of Christ and your Christian family is with you. Say hi to Paul for me, too.