Friday, February 1, 2008

Thanks be to God who is faithfull and has gone before us to do His good works! This past weekend we experienced the dryness, the fatigue, the restlessness but also, God's deliverance, His compassion, His faithfulness to see us through it all! What a God of wonders! Paul and I had our first presentation for our church family on Sunday. We experienced God in a very real way! Our leaders prayed over us for our deputation and Paul and I both feel like we are soaking in His grace and have a great peace about our ministry and God's timing through it all. Our church family is thrilled with what God is doing in our lives. They liked our presentation and gave us very good feedback. I have some new ideas on how to improve it and am very excited for our next one.

We must thank you all for supporting us so well and encouraging us with your prayers. We also want to thank our family at World Team for all the materials that helped us in our slide show, for all the prayers, the display banner and all the time you are investing in us!

Here are some prayer requests we have:

1- Continue to keep us in prayer for our newsletter that we need to put together by the end of this week.

2- We would also need prayer for our closeness to Jesus and a continual mutual support between Paul and I, that we would be unified like the Apostle Paul writes in Romans 15:5-6!

3-Pray also that we would develop a reasonalbe strategy for our deputation and that God would bless us in our preparations.

4- That we would persevere and that God would give us strength to run the race of faith. slow steady, like a longdistance race, keeping our eyes on the goal: Heaven with Jesus.

Thank you all for investing in our lives!

In Christ We Stand,


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