Wednesday, August 20, 2008

It's been a while

Sorry we haven't written recently. We have been quite busy, and I know that this is no excuse. I guess we haven't really perfected the discipline of blogging.

Last month we were helping with our church's Summer Bible Conference. D.A. Carson was the key speaker teaching from Hebrews. It was an extremely busy time, and even a trying time (the AV system crashed the 2nd morning of the conference) but Steph and I really enjoyed seeing our friends, hearing the word of God, and learning more and more about ourselves.

During this time we also were shooting a short documentary about 2 Christian couples, one from Romania and the other from the 1st Nations. I'm currently editing it and should have it done shortly. I was just going through some footage and was hit by the huge privilege that I have to communicate these unique and powerful stories of God working in and through their lives. Sometimes it can be difficult sitting in front of a computer (especially when we're having amazingly beautiful weather right now in Thunder Bay) but I am really finding it a joy to sit hear listening, and re-listening to honest and powerful stories about our Living God. It's really something : )

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20Birds said...

yay! i am back in touch with your blog... it was so wonderful to talk to you tonight, stephanie and i added the blog as a link on my blog, come visit... and tomorrow i will write about you guys