Saturday, May 10, 2008

We're Alive!

This last week has been fantastic. Stephanie and I have been really blessed to take care of Brynn, Graeme, and Megan. It's been a huge learning curve for the two of us non-parents. I guess you don't really understand the work, effort, and joy that it takes to raise kids until you are thrust into it. I have found myself excitedly anticipating their after school arrival on the bus. I think that we'll find it a little difficult leaving when Al & Heather get back, especially when we're just starting to understand the sister-brother-sister relational dynamics. These kids are really dear to us. I have found our evening prayer and devotional time to be my favourite. It has been a privilege to be here for our friends; to be trusted for the physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being of their children.

- Paul

Today, Stephanie and I accompanied the kids as they went horseback riding. I don't think I'll walk right for a week!

Yesterday: My brother, Graeme, myself, and Luke went paint-balling with the guys from my church for some male-bonding, let's shoot each other kinda fun.

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heatherD said...

I can hardly wait to see more photos of the Saturday ride - I'm so glad you ALL went, even Paulie! Thanks for caring for our kids - we were telling Bill M how it made it easy for us to totally relax, because we knew that not only were our kids cared for (ie food, sleep, school, etc) but that they were probably having as much fun as we were!!! I really hope you've enjoyed the time, and that it hasn't been too stressful on either of you. We have two little Thank You Gifts on order, which won't arrive for a few weeks but that will only give us an excuse to have you over again to give them to you!! We are deeply grateful to you for serving us in this way. See you tomorrow! Love, Alan and Heather