Thursday, September 20, 2007

One Year Later...

Hello to all of you!

I am excited today to share with you a big news!
It is Paul and I's 1st anniversary of my surgery
to the very day! :-) Why it is Paul's? because
it has been a trial for both of us last year,
in two very different ways. For 2 months or more
Paul had to deny himself and take care of me,
with the help of our folks of course. I want to
thank all of you for your constant thoughts and
concern for me and for supporting Paul through
this while i wasn't quite awake yet to encourage
him. Most of you have been present throughout
this past year whether in body or in thought, but
you were there nonetheless! THANK YOU! I Praise
God for you all for without you and of course,
without our Savior we would not be where we are
today. Everyone and many more (whom I don't have
the e-mail in this account), have impacted us in
many ways this past year. I wanted to share with
you how thankful I am for this new valve, this
new heart that was given to me as a gift and share
in the Joy and Awe that I can get back into the
groove of my active lifestyle! Wow how God's timing
has been perfect through it all!

Thank you Jesus for without you, this would not
have been possible!

Je m'excuse pour ceux et celles qui aimeraient
me lire en français, je vous savais bilingue et
non les anglophones!